© Alpha Omega Pi Sorority
​​Our first official meeting as a sorority was on May 6th, 1985. Leslie Seltzer was the president.

​​Our first Final Bids was on October 12th, 1985.

​​The founding sisters of Alpha Omega Pi are Leslie Seltzer, Clare Hickey, Gina Scalise, Lisa Virnoche, Sue Connelly, Suzanne Austin, Ginny Furlow, Nellie Derouchie, Maureen Conway, Darlene Graham, Gina Buckley, Denise Peer, Diane Peer, Maria Rich, Liz McLaren, Marcia Rakus, Doreen Gallager, Beth Broncato, Sue Watkins, and Jeanne Smith.

Leslie developed the crest (seen on our "About Us" page) ​during the Fall 1986 semester.

On April 14th, 1989, a tragic event occurred: the death of sister Anne Marie Parks. Anne Marie Parks was born on July 7th, 1967. She pledged in Fall 1986 (Gamma class), and was a member of the Minze family. Anne Marie's friends offer a $500  scholarship in her honor to a SUNY Geneseo student teacher called the Anne Marie Parks Award for Excellence in Student Teaching